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FINGERSAVER to the Rescue.

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Ek haath hi to hai ! , Will it be ok if our hand gets Permanently Damaged?

The Bigger Problem: Surprising is the article Hand injury prevention in India: Are we doing enough? Written by Nikhil Panse and Parag Sahasrabudhe where they have mentioned that “as per our literature search, no systematic and scientific studies are available to highlight specific human, agent and environmental factors responsible for hand injuries. There is an urgent need for research into hand injury causation and prevention.” (Article can be read at

Statistics Speaks:

A prospective study of 436 consecutive patients of hand and forearm injury treated over a period of 2 years presented the following stats.

Out of all the 436 Patients of hand Injuries 50% Patient were found to be in the age group of 21 to 30 years. And out of this 50% Patient a whopping 22.9% were labourers.

Now out of this 22.9% labourers, 22.13 percent labourer got injured due to factory accidents.

Now what’s most freighting is that of all the Factory Accidents a big number that is 74.4 % patients had associated tendon injury and 25.61 % had fractures of the small bones of the hand. Which is the largest Composition of Injury type.

This Tendon injuries are mostly caused at factory and Oil Refineries due to Hammer impact and hammer flogging. Source : (

The Solution:

This is the story of Mr Jahangir Husein an entrepreneur, A Law Student and a full time Director at Happy compliance. This young Boy from the state of Bihar has seen all is his life the Injured hands of his Father who worked as a contracting Welder and Iron Fabricator. One day at the mature age of 25 he once again saw the swollen hand of his father due to Hammer impact Injury. But this time he was determined to find a thorough and permanent solution.

He searched for the hand safety tools in the market so he could gift the same to his father, but failed at finding one single tool that could serve the purpose.

After making multiple prototype with readily available pliers of different sizes and models in the market in early days. This young boy understood that though plier helps in keeping safe distance from direct hammer hit on the hand it is not helping in resisting hammer impact on the hand. He soon realised that Metal transfer’s energy and impact impression easily so now he would have to try with some other material.

One day while observing the railway tract which is laid upon the pile of small stones that absorbs the train velocity impact he under stood that if the track was laid upon direct concrete floor the floor would develop crack or the train would jump of the track and this is exactly what was happening with his hand saving tool.

Now he understood that he needs to build a strong but cushioned tool that can keep the hand away from the tool and at the same time can distribute the hammer impact evenly so that the hands are safe from direct hammer hit as well it stays safe from Hammer impact.

And finally using HDPE, Natural Rubber and PU Lanyard fabric and after one thousand try he developed a hand safety tool and named it FINGERSAVER tool extender. And gave the same to his father to use.

After using his hand safety tool for 5 months and taking feedback from his father he found that his father did not experienced a single direct hit from the hammer or hammer impact in 5 months when he used hand safety tool with his tools.

Now Mr Jahangir Husein plans to commercialise his tool but without making any patent to the tool extender, He believes that there are more Jahangir Husein in the world who see their loved once with the injured hand and could do nothing about it. FINGERSAVER will be ray of hope and relief for these peoples.

Mr Jahangir further plans to develop more PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENTS that will be the game changer for Preventive Injury in Industrial Practices.

You can follow fingersaver updates on their Facebook and instagram handles.

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